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Balancer(Balancing machine)

The required specification of the balance measurement becomes severer every year.

Processing unit as brain has been making advance steadily and other designs also have been improved reflecting customers' requirements.

Measuring unbalance for test purpose is available.

Please experience a highly accurate balancer once.

DSK is manufacturing abundant products from a manual balancer only of the measurement to the semiautomatic balance correcting machine and the full-automatic balance correcting machine.


1.Accuracy of measurement

The measurement accuracy such as reproducibility improves by removing of an external vibration and improving the operation separation accuracy.


As a touch panel is used, you can input data communicating through the touch panel as well as switching the screens.

Therefore operation is easy and experience is not required.

On touch panel not only sentences but also graphic are used so that an operator run the machine easily.

The model data set once is memorized.

Next time, it can be used only to call the memorized data.

(It is possible to add it by the option though the standard is 50 models.)


When a mistake in setting is made and/or a malfunction occurs, the content of the alarm is plainly displayed on the screen of the touch panel by figure and sentences.

You can easily solve contents of the alarm by obeying instructions and checking the machine on the touch panel.

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